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3-6 Math Department
The Common Core Standards require students to demonstrate a deeper understanding of math concepts. Math is really about application and problem solving. The 3-6 Math Department at Faulk Elementary School is making a shift in the classroom. From focusing on computation to focusing on problem solving, it is our goal to transform our students into problem solvers and mathematical thinkers.
Music & Choir
Faulk Elementary is blessed with some talented students! Third through sixth grade students are invited to audition for the choir at the beginning of the year. The Faulk Elementary choir is one of the places our students shine like the stars they are!!!!!
Quiz Bowl
Quiz Bowl is an academic competition in which Faulk's team competes against the other elementary schools in the West Memphis School District.
Computer Lab
The Computer Lab at Faulk Elementary works with teachers and students. Progress includes Renaissance Learning, and many other sites.